Steph smith interview - Steph and a few guys - 2


Steph and a few guys - 2 - Steph smith interview

Steph and a few guys - 2 1

Stephanie steph davis born 1973 is an american rock climber base jumper and wingsuit flyer she is one of the worlds leading climbers having completed some of the hardest routes in the world she is the first woman to have soloed a 511 grade climb the first woman to summit all the peaks of the fitzroy range in patagonia the second.

Steph and a few guys - 2 2

The weeks are starting to go by so fast now cameron is still such a dream baby he is still sleeping most of his life away right now he wakes up when hes hungry and then is usually awake for a few hours during dinner time.

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Slow start lounging coffee reading then i went up to put contact paper on the vanity sort through linens made a list of mattress encasements and protectors needed checked all the lamps surprise need replacements and other shit.

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Heres how i did on my weight loss and wellness journey in the month of march exercise i am still exercising exclusively on our treadmill i started out the month with 40 minute work outs and got through 8 but then i decreased back down to 30 minutes when i had a cold and then just kept it there.

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steph and ayesha curry are launching a new scholarship fund for collegebound girls in the bay area who are interested in a stem science technology engineering and math fields.

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Awardwinning film producer devon franklin opens up about his new book the truth about men his new film project with steph curry and working in hollywood.

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Currys 3point prowess is legendary 254 kirk goldsberry details steph currys climb toward the top of the alltime 3point rankings and the impressiveness of currys shooting.

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Why one top50 player thinks steph curry is one of the greatest stories in history plus inside intel on the wizards disarray.

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Being in business takes blood sweat and tears but at growthwise we have small business superpowers that can help you manage it all.

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