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Double cream pie 4 - 2 1

double musky pie preheat oven to 350 degrees first layer 3 egg whites 14 pinch salt 14 tsp cream of tartar 1 cup sugar 1 tb vanilla 36 saltine crackers broken into 12 inch pieces.

Double cream pie 4 - 2 2

The original boston cream pie created at bostons parker house hotel in the 19th century featured sponge cake layered with cream and iced with vanilla and chocolate fondant.

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The filling of this chocolatecrust pie is luscious but not too rich think oldfashioned chocolate pudding a bit of sour cream in the whipped topping balances the chocolate perfectly.

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This is a delicious recipe combining apples sour cream sugar and a few othersto make a scrumptious dessert i highly recommend that you use a high quality sour creamit really does make the difference.

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Like a lot of filling to pastry in your apple pie try this tall recipe thats filled with 3 pounds of apples we like to use an assortment of different varieties such as granny smith rome fuji and jonagold.

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Although i love coconut cream pie i never order it in restaurants because of decades of being served gelatinous slop that bore little resemblance to the real thing.